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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Storm Damage Restoration in 2022

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Storm Damage Restoration

When a disaster occurs, it is easy to get caught up in the chaos and stress of the situation. It is also very tempting to want to put off or delay storm damage restoration because you are busy with other things, but doing so can have a devastating effect on your finances. If you wait too long before hiring professionals for storm damage restoration, then prices for items that have been damaged will skyrocket. If you need help restoring your property after a natural disaster, contact our team today!

Your Home's Value Will Go Down

A home’s value can drop by as much as ten percent if the house has not yet undergone repairs after a major disaster such as flooding or fire. If your property sustains significant damage because of natural disasters, contact our team today! We are here to help 24/365 so do not hesitate to call us at any time of day or night! You may also fill out an online form for more information about what we offer and how we can help restore your home back to normal again.

It Will Cost You More If You Delay It

If you do not call for help when your home needs storm damage restoration, then it will cost more in the long run. When a professional is called to handle storm damage restoration as quickly as possible after a natural disaster strikes, this helps ensure that no further damages are sustained from exposure or rot. This can be very costly if it goes on too long because of how much time and exposure has passed since the initial incident occurred!

Your Goods Will Get More Damaged

If you wait to call for storm damage restoration, then it will take longer to fix your home and the cost of items that have been damaged may go up. In some cases, if a person waits too long before calling in professionals for storm damage restoration services after a natural disaster strikes, they can cause further damages or loss because of exposure or rot. It is important not to delay when you need help with restoring your property after a major event! Call us today at any time so we can start helping right away! We also offer free estimates on our work as well!

It Will Create a Dangerous Living Environment

If you allow your home to remain in a state of disrepair, then it can become unsafe for living. Living with damaged property due to natural disasters is not only dangerous but also hazardous because the items are exposed and vulnerable after being left out in nature’s elements without protection for so long. Not calling in professionals immediately when damage occurs leaves you and your loved ones at risk of injury or illness.

The longer you wait, the worse things will get and it can be very costly. Let us help today by giving our team a call at any time of day or night so we can offer free estimates on storm damage restoration services that are needed after natural disasters strike in your area. Our number is always available for assistance and we do not charge anything unless we solve your problem with helping restore damaged items back to normal again! Contact us now so we can start working together right away!

5 Ways to Protect Your Belongings during a Storm

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5 Ways to Protect Your Belongings during a Storm

We've all been there. You're sitting in your home, anxiously waiting to hear if the storm that is heading towards you will be a Category 2 or 3. It's not until hours later when it has passed do you go outside to survey the damage. If you were lucky, only some of your property was damaged and everything else was still intact; but if you weren't so lucky, then this article may help stop future disasters from happening again! Here are five ways to protect your belongings during a storm.

Store important documents In a Safe Place

One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your belongings during the storm is to place them in a safe place. This will not just save your belongings from getting damaged but it will also be great if you have to rush and evacuate due to the storm warning. A great option for this would be an Under Bed Safe, which you can easily store underneath any bed or heavy piece of furniture so that no one will ever think twice about it being there. This type of safe has been known not only to lock away documents but also jewelry, money, cameras, laptops, etc.

Place any items that can be blown away, such as plants or decorations, inside of the house

If you have any items in your yard that are not too heavy, then it is best to bring them inside the house or into a garage. This includes plants, decorations, and furniture. It may be fine for these types of objects to get damaged during just one storm but if they're outside when multiple storms happen back-to-back then there's no telling how much damage can occur!

Keep appliances unplugged

If you have any appliances that are not in use, then it is best to unplug them during the storm. If they get damaged due to power surges caused by lightning or rain/snow entering through poorly-sealed doors and windows, then this can become very costly! It's also a good idea to keep all of your electronics plugged into surge protectors so that if there does happen to be an electrical problem, these items will still remain safe (just make sure they're turned off).

Make sure you have multiple flashlights/lanterns around for when there is no power available due to storms which happen often lately

This is an essential item to have in any house, especially if you live in a rural area. There are many times where the power goes out for days at a time due to storms and it can be very annoying when there's no light or heat available! To solve this problem, make sure that you always keep flashlights/lanterns with candles on hand so that you won't ever have to worry about feeling completely powerless during a storm again.

Park the Car inside the Garage So the Storm Does Not Damage It

This is a relatively small but very effective way to protect your car from damages caused by the storm. If you live in an area that gets heavy storms then it might be best just to always park inside of your garage during such times so that there will no longer be any chance of water, hail, and/or fallen branches damaging it!

These are some great ways for how to care for your belongings during a storm which should hopefully stop future disasters from happening again.

6 Simple Ways to Assess Total Damage after a Storm

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6 Simple Ways to Assess Total Damage after a Storm

When a storm hits your property, it can be difficult to assess the total damage. You want to know what needs repairing and how much it will cost you. The following is a list of 6 simple ways that you can assess the damage from a storm:

1) Check for structural integrity

Does your building have any cracks in the foundation or leaking pipes? If so, then there may be more extensive repairs needed. It is very important to check the damage to the structure for timely repairs and restoration. If you don’t check the building for any damages then it can create a very dangerous living environment.

2) Check for water damage

Look around your house at all of the wet surfaces and make sure that no mold has grown anywhere yet. If you see any signs of mold growth, then this could lead to further complications down the road with respiratory illnesses and allergies.

3) Take pictures

One of the most important steps in assessing a storm's damage is to take pictures. It will help with getting insurance claims and also reminds you of what needs repairing or replaced.

4) Check for Damages to the Doors and Windows

Are your windows loose or cracked? How about your doors, are they damaged too? Take a special look at the glass windows. Sometimes even the protective wooden panels aren’t enough to save the windows from breaking.

5) Check the Utilities, Gas lines and Electricity Lines

If you smell gas, turn off your appliances and open doors and windows. Get outside immediately! If there is a power outage or the electricity lines have been damaged then this will need to be addressed as soon as possible so that they do not catch fire. It can also cause serious damage to any electronic devices in your home which you may want to address quickly before more problems arise down the road.

6) Take an Inspection Round outside Your House

Inspect things outside the house including your car, trees, lawn and most importantly your house's roof. Roof of a house is the most vulnerable thing during a storm. Strong storms can break off shingles and expose your roof to a lot of serious damage. You may need to replace your roof if it is very damaged. If you find any tree that is in a bad condition and may fall down any minute then you need to get away from the house and call a tree maintenance company as soon as possible.

It is very important to assess the total damage after a storm. There are many things that you can do at home before calling in an expert. By taking pictures, checking for water damage and structural integrity, as well as assessing the damages to doors and windows you will be able to figure out what needs repaired quickly. Then call up someone with experience when it comes time for more extensive repairs!

Can You Do DIY Home Restoration after a Storm?

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Can You Do DIY Home Restoration after a Storm?

If you are living in a house that gets damaged because of a storm, or something similar to it, do not be alarmed. Whether someone else is doing the repairs for you or you are doing them yourself, there are things to keep in mind. The tips will help make your home restoration go smoother and more quickly.

Steps for DIY Home Restoration:

1.) Consider an insurance policy if one has not been obtained already. If there is damage, this should help out with costs involved with the restoration process.

2.) Before beginning any kind of repair work always wear protective gear including safety goggles and gloves so that no dust particles get into your eyes or worse enter your body through open cuts on hands etc. If possible wear breathing masks as well.

3.) Start by removing furniture if it had not already been done. If there is damage on the floor remove it before putting the furniture back in its place.

4.) Next, cover all windows and exterior doors with plastic sheeting. This will keep any moisture from entering your home which could cause mold or mildew to begin growing in places that were not damaged such as under carpets and sinks.

5.) After everything has been covered then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up any debris left behind after cleaning up water stains etc...The next step would be to remove any wet items such as clothes, bedding and blankets and run them through a washing machine several times so that no mold grows on them while they are stored away.

6.) You should look to see if the roof has been damaged and determine whether or not you want to fix it yourself or have someone who knows more about roofs do the work for you. It is possible to patch up a roof, but this does depend on where the damage is and how big it is because sometimes roofs will need to be replaced all together due to too much damage.

7.) If everything has dried out enough so that mold will not begin growing, take out all floor boards in affected areas so that they can be sanded down and treated with fungicide before replacing them back into place. Then cover area around walls with plastic sheeting again to keep dust from entering other areas of the house while new boards are being put back into place.

8.) Now that everything has been repaired it is time to start cleaning again and get rid of any lingering moisture in carpets and under sinks by using a dehumidifier.

So all of this can be done by you however if you want an ideal restoration process then it is better to hire a storm damage restoration service. A professional storm damage restoration service can do wonders for you and make your house look as good as new.

Why Every Homeowner Needs Professional Cleaning Services

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

Why Every Homeowner Needs Professional Cleaning Services

Maintaining your property can be a difficult task, especially if you have a large or complicated property. If you own an apartment building or rental complex with many units, keeping on top of the cleaning and maintenance is no easy feat. Professional cleaning services are in demand because they provide quality work at affordable prices. Whether it's for residential homes or commercial properties, professional cleaners will make sure that your home gets the care it deserves!

People often underestimate the value of a professional cleaning service. It is true that you can hire a maid or do the work yourself, but it isn't always possible to keep up with this type of work in your busy life. If you want to make sure your home looks and feels clean and well-maintained, then hiring professionals for regular upkeep is an excellent idea!

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service Like SERVPRO

Saves You Time

Cleaning your home can be a time-consuming and difficult job. If you're like most households, then there is never enough free time in the day to worry about cleaning up after yourself! Professional cleaners take over all of that work for you so that it's done right and on schedule.

Save Money

Professional cleaners charge reasonable rates because they have streamlined their business processes. Instead of paying each individual worker, professional services outsource their jobs to independent local contractors who specialize in one type of service (i.e., window washing). By doing this, they are able to make sure every client gets top quality results while also cutting costs without sacrificing any value or satisfaction from their customers' perspective .

Improve Your Home Value As A Result Of Professional Cleaning Services

A clean and well-maintained home is a valuable asset. A professional cleaning service will make sure your home looks as good on the outside as it does inside, which can increase its resale value or appeal to potential renters looking for more space! Whether you're planning to sell soon or just want a cleaner space that's easier to maintain, hiring professionals is an excellent way of going about this process .

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

It's important to keep your home clean, but it is also vital to ensure that you are breathing in healthy air. Many household cleaning products contain chemicals and other ingredients that can be harmful for the respiratory system. Professional cleaners use eco-friendly solutions so that your indoor air quality remains pristine! You'll breathe easier knowing what type of impact professional cleaners have on the environment .

Offers Deep Cleaning Which Your Maid Can't Do

You can hire a maid to clean your home, but they will never be able to provide the same level of work as professionals. Professional cleaners come equipped with all of the necessary supplies and equipment that allow them to get deep into every nook and cranny. They are also trained in effective cleaning methods which guarantee results!

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

You can't control everything that comes with owning a business, but you can certainly prepare for the inevitable. One of those inevitabilities is fire and water damage. There's nothing worse than coming into work to find your building ruined and thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory destroyed by water or smoke damage. SERVPRO has been in the disaster recovery industry for years and we know what it takes to get your life back on track after an emergency situation like this occurs at your home or place of business. We've seen it all over our years in service. So if you are looking to hire a cleaning and restoration service in Woodbury then you should definitely hire SERVPRO.

We Have an Extremely Positive Word Of Mouth in the Market

We've been in business for many years. This means we are the go-to company when it comes to natural disasters that strike Woodbury. It's pretty rare to find a business with that many positive reviews and testimonials from customers who walk away happy after using our service. We're all about quality customer service which is one of the reasons why SERVPRO has expanded into other areas like mold mitigation services. Our commitment to excellence will make sure you get everything your home or office needs during this difficult time.

Highly Trained Technicians and Cleaning Experts

We hire only the most qualified technicians in Woodbury. SERVPRO has some of the best cleaning and restoration teams with years of experience under their belt. We know how to get your home or business back into tip top shape after it's been hit by any type of natural disaster that causes water damage, fire damage or smoke damage. Working for a company like this one can be rewarding because you always feel like you're providing an important service to someone who needs our help during these tough times. You'll never need another provider when it comes to emergency response services in Woodbury once you've used us!

Advanced Technology for Cleaning and Restoration

You'll never have to worry about our technicians using outdated methods when it comes to services like water damage restoration, fire damage repairs and mold removal. We invest in the latest technology for cleaning your floors, carpets or hardwood. Our company is always looking ahead of the curve which sets us apart from other providers out there.

24/7 Service and Emergency Response

Our team is available around the clock. That means we'll come to your house or business and start cleaning up water damage, fire and smoke damage, no matter what time it is. Its nice knowing you can always rely on a company like SERVPRO for all of your emergency response needs. We're not going to judge you for calling us in the middle of the night either because that type of stuff happens from time to time! So don't hesitate when our office line rings after hours - pick it up every single time!

Efficient Process and Less Work for You

If you're like most people then you hate it when your home or business is in shambles after something bad happens. SERVPRO will make sure to get the process started as soon as possible so that we can help avoid further damage and inconvenience for our customers. You don't want to be stuck living out of a hotel room right? So let us take care of everything with lightning speed. Our technicians are experts at getting rid of water, smoke smell, fire damages and more without putting too much stress on the homeowner!

If you're looking for a trustworthy business that has been around Woodbury for years then look no further than SERVPRO! Contact us today if you need more information on hiring the right service provider for emergency response needs.

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO for Sewer Cleaning and Restoration

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

Every sewer system in your home or business can be a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. This is why you should always enlist the help of professional company like SERVPRO if you want to ensure that your sewerage line is clean and free from all the dangers associated with a dirty pipe. Here are four reasons why you should call us today

We Have the Right Tools for the Job

Sewers are responsible for moving waste and water from your home or business to the public sewer system. They can become clogged with tree roots, foreign objects, and sediment that has settled over time which then results in a backup into your property. This is why you should call SERVPRO as soon as possible if this happens because we have the tools and expertise needed to ensure that your sewer pipe is free of all blockages before we begin cleaning it out. We use high pressure air blasting equipment along with our professional grade drain auger machines to make sure that each section of the line is clear so there isn't any need for concern about dirty sewage spilling back up into your place of residence or work once we're finished with it.

We Can Advise You on Preventive Measure for the Future

The average homeowner or building owner doesn't know how to prevent a sewer backup from occurring in their line. This is why you should hire SERVPRO for professional advice on what steps can be taken to ensure that your property's sewer stays clean and clear of any blockages before they occur. We provide consultations at no cost so feel free to contact us if this is something interesting to you

It Will Save You Time

While the sewer restoration process can be extensive, it will save you time because our staff will do all the work and you can spend your time doing what you do every day. Your daily schedule will not be disturbed by it. You can spend your time working or with your family while our team cleans and restore the sewerage system. Calling a professional for help with your sewer line ensures that there isn't any need to worry about whether or not a dirty sewage backup could occur when you have guests over or are preparing for an important family event since we take care of every part of the cleaning and sanitizing so all you have to do is provide us access to your property. We also offer same day services which means that once our team arrives at your location they'll begin working on restoring your system right away instead of having to schedule another appointment down the road.

Professional Sewerage Cleaning Is Good For the Environment

When your sewer pipe becomes blocked, the bacteria and viruses that are found within it will spill out into the environment. This is why you should hire SERVPRO to ensure that our team of professionals come in with all the necessary cleaning equipment so there isn't any chance for these harmful microorganisms to escape back into your property or community after we're done restoring your system. Our company takes pride in being dedicated to helping people which means that environmental safety is always a top priority for us no matter what service we're providing at the time.

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

The fire damage restoration experts at SERVPRO are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your fire damage emergency. We are prepared with the right equipment and training for this type of job. You don't have to worry about whether or not we will take care of everything that needs to be done because we always do! Learn more about what you should expect from us when you hire us for fire damage restoration.

We Can Identify What Items Are Most Effected By The Fire

We will inspect your property to determine what is salvageable and what items may need to be replaced. We help you distinguish between restoration and replacement by offering guidance on scheduling approval from insurance companies, as well as negotiating with them on your behalf. This takes the guesswork out of this process so that we can handle things quickly and efficiently for you!

Time Is Of The Essence In Fire Damage Restoration So You Can Get Your Property Back To Normal As Soon As Possible

Time is vital in fire damage restoration because of the risk posed by dangerous levels of carbon monoxide which can easily build up when exposed to an oxygen-rich environment such as a house full of smoke. SERVPRO's professionals know how important it is to cleanse airways and

Our Skilled Team Members Have A Better Chance At Salvaging Your Items From The Fire Damage

Our specialized equipment utilizes powerful vacuums that extract water and other contaminants, which allows us to dry your property faster. We have experience with all types of materials including carpets, drapes, furniture upholstery, clothing, bedding and any documents or files.

We Can Work With Your Insurance Company To Get You The Compensation And Services That You Deserve!

It is our duty as fire damage restoration experts to assess the degree of damage caused by a fire in order for insurance companies to determine whether or not it will be necessary for them to pay out an additional amount on top of what you already receive from their policy limits. When we work with clients whose claims are denied they can feel confident knowing we will do everything we can to get what they deserve.

We Can Handle All Aspects Of Fire Damage Restoration For Your Peace Of Mind

Whether it is structural repairs, smoke damage restoration or even cleaning up after a fire has been controlled by firefighters at your property, SERVPRO of Woodbury can do it all! We are experienced in dealing with the aftermath of fires and know just what needs to be done. This allows you to focus on other aspects while we take care of restoring your home back to its original condition following severe damage caused by a fire incident.

Thorough Cleaning Of Fire and Smoke

The process begins with a thorough cleaning of the entire area, followed by an inspection to see if there are any items that can be restored. If so, then those items will be dried and cleaned immediately. However, if they cannot be salvaged or do not need immediate attention our team members will take care of them at a later time after the initial restoration process is complete.

Getting Rid Of The Odor After The Fire

Odor is often one of the most difficult parts about fire damage restoration. When a fire has been in your home, you can expect to have an unpleasant smell that may be hard to get rid of even after cleaning the property several times over. This is why it's crucial to call SERVPRO with their years

Removal Of Ash Residue

Ash residue can be harmful to the health of your home's occupants. Our professionals will remove this buildup carefully while ensuring that it does not cause further damage. If any repair work is needed, we will take care of that too!

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

One of the most important things you can do to maintain a clean and safe environment for your family is to have professional carpet and upholstery cleaning done on a regular basis. The experts at SERVPRO know that these types of services can be expensive, which is why they offer affordable rates. In addition to having experienced professionals come out and do the work, they also take care of all the heavy lifting! Instead of hiring out this type of job yourself or paying someone else to do it, contact SERVPRO today for more information about their services.

Reasons You Should Hire SERVPRO for Carpet Cleaning

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons of why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company life SERVPRO can do wonders for you.

It Can Help You Remove Hidden Allergens and Bacteria from Your Carpet

One of the biggest reasons for having your carpet professionally cleaned is that it can help remove bacteria and allergens from deep within. Allergies are a common problem, especially during certain times of the year when pollen levels rise or in areas where there is an abundance of trees and plants to attract small insects. Bacteria typically thrives in damp environments such as carpets so by hiring SERVPRO they will use special equipment to extract all moisture which also kills any existing germs at their root source.

Your Carpet Will Be Smelling Fresh and Clean Longer

Over time dirt, dust, dander and other particles get trapped down into your pile - even if you vacuum regularly! So how often should you have this done? Usually every 12 to 18 months is the best time to have your carpets cleaned. SERVPRO will use a special type of cleaning solution so they can remove stubborn stains and deep down dirt, meaning it's more effective than using just water alone.

You Will Be Assured That the Job Is Being Done Professionally

There are many companies that offer carpet cleaning services out there but not all of them have had proper training or experience doing this work. This means some may even cause more harm than good if they aren't careful! By hiring SERVPRO you know their technicians undergo extensive training with an industry leader in order to make sure the job is done properly every single time -up to IICRC standards. They also take care of all heavy lifting for you which is another bonus!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Increase the Life of Your Carpet

By having SERVPRO come in and give your carpet a deep clean you will ensure that the fibers on your carpets are free of dirt and dust. This means they won't wear down as quickly over time, which is what causes them to look old or need replacing before their time. You can also reduce how frequently you need to replace them by having this done every 12-18 months!

When it comes to hiring someone for professional cleaning services in Woodbury there's only one company to choose- SERVPRO!

The Benefits of Using a Professional Restoration Company amid Flood Damage

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

Floods and water damage can be devastating for any home or business. There is a lot to consider, such as how much damage has been done and where the flood came from. If you are trying to clean up your property following a flood, it is important that you hire professionals who have experience with this type of work. A professional water restoration company will know how to extract standing water, dry out carpets/carpeting, remove mud from floors, and do mold remediation if necessary and more!

They Can Assess the Real Damage to Your Property

Floods can cause a lot of damage to your property, and it is important for you to have someone who knows what they are doing assess the situation. Water restoration professionals will know exactly how much water has been absorbed into all of your materials including floors, walls, carpets/carpeting and more! This way everything can be dried out efficiently in order to prevent further damages from occurring.

They Can Offer A Long Lasting Solution to Your Water Damage Problem

When there is water damage to your property, it can lead to mold growth and other problems. Instead of trying to fix the situation on your own with DIY methods that may not work long term, you should hire a professional restoration company who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to getting rid of any standing water or debris left behind after floods! They will do all the dirty work for you so that everything looks fresh again without having to worry about potential damages in the future because you tried fixing things yourself.

They Know How to Clean Up After Flood Damage Easily and Effectively

Restoration companies have equipment at their disposal such as dehumidifiers, blowers/vacuums, moisture meter devices and more! This way everything can be dried out efficiently and effectively. They will also have the knowledge of how to remove standing water from all types of surfaces including carpet, hardwood flooring, concrete/tile floors and more! With this equipment they are able to extract any moisture that has been absorbed into your materials as well as dry up wet carpets which is a big part of restoring your home after having flooded.

They Can Help Prevent Mold Growth

One of the main problems with having flooded properties is that there tends to be standing water for days, weeks or even months at a time depending on where exactly you live. If not properly taken care of such as drying out carpets/carpeting and removing mud from floors then this could result in mold growth behind walls or other surfaces which nobody wants. You should always leave these types of concerns into the hands of professionals who are experienced in restoring properties after having flooded. They know exactly how to dry out carpets/carpeting, remove mud from floors and prevent mold growth so that your home is restored back to its pre-flood condition with ease!

They Can Help Restore Your Property Back To Its Pre-Flood Condition

After you have experienced flooding in your property it can be hard for some people to get their lives back on track because they are concerned about fixing the situation themselves or hiring a professional who may not do everything properly. If you hire professionals however, they will restore all of your materials such as walls, floors, furniture etc. Back to its pre-flood state without any problems whatsoever which makes life easier when trying to move past something like this!

They Will Make Sure Everything Is Done Professionally

Regardless of how severe your water damage is (whether it was caused by a burst pipe, broken washing machine or more) you should always hire professionals to restore your property back to its pre-flood condition. This way everything can be done efficiently and effectively without any problems along the way. They will also use quality materials when restoring anything in order for all surfaces such as walls/walls, floors/carpets etc. To look fresh again just like they did before having experienced flooding. In this case hiring a professional restoration company works wonders because they have experience with fixing properties after flooding which makes life so much easier afterward!