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Timely Fire Restoration Can Make Your House New and Livable Again

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Timely Fire Restoration Can Make Your House New and Livable Again

In the event of a fire, time is not on your side. It doesn't matter if the fire department has put out the flames or if it seems clear that there's nothing to do but wait for a few days for everything to cool down, you should never take too long by getting in touch with a restoration service as soon as you can.

Timely action is a must when disaster strikes, and this is equally true for fire damage restoration. The longer you leave it before contacting a professional cleaning company, the worse your chances are at salvaging anything from your home/office/business premises. In order to ensure proper restoration services are provided, here are some important aspects you need to be aware of:

How much cleaning will be done?

The most important thing is to contact a professional cleaning service at the first sign of damage. A reliable restoration company will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate on what can be salvaged, and how much work will need to go into making your property livable again. Most fire damage professionals can begin working within 24 hours of receiving your call, so the sooner you act the better it'll be for everyone involved.

Cleanup or renovation?

This is one of the main questions that come up when fire restoration may be necessary (not always). If only part of your property was damaged by flames, your best bet is generally opting for cleanup services, rather than full-on renovations. Cleaning eliminates all traces of smoke and soot, while renovations are designed to completely transform the look of your household/place of business. It's important that you're honest about what can be achieved with each choice, so calling up a professional cleaner makes sense regardless of how extensive the damage is.

What should you do in the meantime? If it's impossible for you to go back home after a fire, because there will be structural work involved, or because the property has been deemed unsafe due to serious damage – you'll have to find temporary accommodation elsewhere. Your priority now only lies in making sure that your restoration company has all they need from your insurance company so they can begin repairs as quickly as possible -- and this includes having a detailed assessment on costs available. Don't let anyone pressure you into making hasty decisions until you've had the chance to talk it over with a professional.

The first few days are crucial, so make sure to communicate well with your insurance company and restoration team, as this will speed up the process considerably. Once everyone is on the same page, working together will bring faster results – especially if there's been total destruction from the fire. In all cases of a major disaster however, patience is a virtue – no matter how frustrating it may be!

Unforeseen events can always happen, but since they're usually unforeseen – that's why it pays to have reliable home/office/business insurance. This way even if something bad happens you'll know that all problems should soon go away thanks to quick and efficient restoration services. Our fire damage service providers are reputable and experienced in the field, so call those as soon as you can to get a quote on how much work will need to go into make your home/office/business safe again – and to begin the repair process!

Hire SERVPRO and Get Preventive Maintenance Tips for Disasters

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If you are a business owner in the United States, there is a chance that your business could be affected by natural disasters more often that you would anticipate. It's better to have an emergency plan in place before it happens so you can minimize any damage and quickly get back up on your feet. SERVPRO has tips for preparing for emergencies like floods, fires, storms and more!

Prepare a Detailed Plan for Different Types of Disasters

Being prepared for different types of disasters is crucial. The SERVPRO blog has suggestions on how to be ready for these events:

- Floods - If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure your business plans include this possibility. Consider having flood insurance and adjust the location of sensitive items like computers or paper files off the ground floor if possible. Having a plan will help everyone know what they need during moments when time isn't available! You can find out more about knowing what steps to take before floods here.

- Fire - Business owners should always prepare their employees about fire safety procedures like not throwing away burning cigarettes without properly extinguishing them first. Make sure all members are aware where fire escapes are located so no one gets trapped. If there is a fire, everyone must be prepared for an emergency evacuation immediately! You can find out more about how to keep your employees safe in the event of a fire here.

- Storms - Limiting damage due to storms starts with preparation and planning. Make sure you know where all company vehicles are located as well as any important equipment that could get damaged from lightning or fallen trees/branches. Know what areas may need special protection like solar panels on the roof so nothing gets overcharged during electrical storms since this can result in costly damages! For more tips read our blog post about protecting properties before storm season begins.

Prepare Your Employees to Be the Best First Responders Possible

Being able to respond quickly will go a long way in minimizing the damage and getting your employees back to work as soon as possible. Make sure each member of staff has a copy of evacuation plans for various emergencies like fire or flooding so everyone knows what they should do if it occurs. You can read more about keeping all members safe during an emergency here.

Keep a Reasonable Amount of Supplies for Emergency Situations

Have enough supplies on hand such as battery powered lights, food bars and water bottles that will last you at least 72 hours (the time it takes for professionals to get things up and running again). Keep these items out of sight but somewhere close by where anyone could access them easily in case there is no time to grab anything before evacuating the building!

Don't Forget to Have a Backup Plan In Case Things Don’t Go according To Plan

After preparing employees and the building, don't forget to plan for any unexpected situations that could happen during an emergency. You never know when your backup power may go out or if flooding will damage some of the equipment you need! Have any necessary items on hand so no matter what happens there is still a way to get back up and running without any delays!

Always Be Ready For the Unexpected

You should always be ready and prepared for the unexpected. Preparation for any emergency is the key to a quick recovery process. By having a plan in place, you'll be able to get back up and running again faster by limiting damages as much as possible!

SERVPRO: How Is SERVPRO Better Than Its Competitors In The Restoration Business

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SERVPRO is a disaster restoration company that specializes in water damage, mold removal, fire and smoke damage, storm and natural disasters as well as general home services. We are in this business for many years now and offer our services in the Woodbury and Deptford area in New Jersey. These days you can find many different disaster restoration companies in the market so choosing one that fits your requirements can be tricky. But we are here to help you ease down your decision. Here are a few factors for why SERVPRO is better than its competitors.

Not Many Competitors Offer 24/7 Services Like SERVPRO

When it comes to the restoration business, time is crucial. SERVPRO has a fleet of crews and technicians that are standing by 24/hours a day, every single day of the year. All you have to do is call us and we will dispatch an expert within 30 minutes! Even if your home or office gets severely damaged due to some unforeseen event like fire damage, water damage etc., our experts can arrive quickly and start working on repairing and restoring your property as soon as possible so you don't miss out much work from life's routine.

Not Only Water and Fire Damage Restoration but Also Mold Removal Services Are Offered By Us

Mold growing inside homes is one problem most homeowners face, but not many are aware that it can cause adverse health effects, too. SERVPRO will send its experts who are trained in mold removal and the process is completed within a matter of days.

We Offer Our Services to both Commercial and Residential Clients

SERVPRO is a company that offers its services to both commercial and residential clients. Whether you want us for your office or home we will provide the best solutions! We are a versatile company that can help you with a range of different restoration services for both your home and your workplace.

If You Are Looking For Services Which Are Timely and Affordable, We Offer the Best Solutions for Your Needs

SERVPRO offers top-notch services with timely completion of work at an affordable price. Our team ensures that they use only high quality equipment for restoration making sure your home or office doesn't sustain any further damage while under our care. We offer more value through our services for the money spent.

What Are You Waiting For? Call Us Now For A FREE Estimate!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, clients can call us on the phone number and you can also request for help online. We are open 24/hours so you don't have to worry about calling us during odd hours of the night for urgent matters. Our experts will be there at your doorstep in 30 minutes flat and start working immediately! So what are you waiting for? Call SERVPRO now!

How to Assess Water Damage after a Flood

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Water damage is a major issue that can occur in any home. Flooding has become a more common occurrence due to rising sea levels and natural disasters. This blog post will provide you with information on how to assess your water damage after a flood, as well as tips for what to do next if the flooding was caused by something else!

Inspect the Pipes and See If the Sewerage System Is Blocked

The first thing you should do is inspect the ventilation system and see if it has been clogged. The water damage may have occurred because of a blockage in one or more parts of your home's plumbing, usually near where sewage exits into the drainage system. If there are any visible signs of flooding on these pipes, including leaks or cracks, call your local plumber after reading this blog post to learn what they can do about them! Cleaning Your Flood-Damaged Home Can Prevent More Damage from Occurring

Closely monitor all appliances that use electricity. Be sure not to try to use anything electrical until everything has dried out completely (and even then only turn something back on once every hour). It is also important that you keep your house as ventilated as possible by opening windows and doors. Do not skip this step! It is important that you use a fan to remove moist air from the building as often as possible, especially during heavy rainfall or when it’s humid outside.

Check your furniture and other items inside your house if the water was able to get in

After the water damage has been assessed, you can begin cleaning up! Remove items that have been damaged by moisture and evaluate them to see if they are salvageable. If you find any furniture or appliances in your home with mold growing on them, throw these things out immediately because even a small amount of growth can generate health effects. While many homeowners choose to hire professional cleaners for this part of their post-flood restoration process, some decide it is more cost effective (and doable) to clean everything themselves using products like bleach and detergents which will kill harmful spores after three minutes at 20° Celsius. Dry off all surfaces such as floors and walls before mopping since excess moisture could cause bacteria to grow inside.

You may also notice that some of your belongings have been damaged by the water including books, CDs and clothes which you should clean using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove any dust or bacteria before throwing them out. You can do this yourself if you feel comfortable enough but many people choose to hire professional cleaners who specialize in cleaning mold from clothing and furniture items for this task instead! In addition to dry-cleaning materials such as clothes, blankets and pillows it is important that you get rid of all wet carpets, rugs or other textiles immediately since these will become home to dangerous molds if not removed within 48 hours of flooding occurring.

Inspect your lawn for any water damage

Even if you are not allowed to stay in your house after it has been flooded, make sure that you do not neglect any of the exterior spaces. Check for cracks or leaks on patios and driveways as well as broken irrigation systems since they may have contributed towards flooding occurring inside your home. A landscaping professional should be able to repair these problems easily so long as it is done soon enough!

5 Ways to Protect Your Belongings during a Storm

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We've all been there. You're sitting in your home, anxiously waiting to hear if the storm that is heading towards you will be a Category 2 or 3. It's not until hours later when it has passed do you go outside to survey the damage. If you were lucky, only some of your property was damaged and everything else was still intact; but if you weren't so lucky, then this article may help stop future disasters from happening again! Here are five ways to protect your belongings during a storm.

Store important documents In a Safe Place

One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your belongings during the storm is to place them in a safe place. This will not just save your belongings from getting damaged but it will also be great if you have to rush and evacuate due to the storm warning. A great option for this would be an Under Bed Safe, which you can easily store underneath any bed or heavy piece of furniture so that no one will ever think twice about it being there. This type of safe has been known not only to lock away documents but also jewelry, money, cameras, laptops, etc.

Place any items that can be blown away, such as plants or decorations, inside of the house

If you have any items in your yard that are not too heavy, then it is best to bring them inside the house or into a garage. This includes plants, decorations, and furniture. It may be fine for these types of objects to get damaged during just one storm but if they're outside when multiple storms happen back-to-back then there's no telling how much damage can occur!

Keep appliances unplugged

If you have any appliances that are not in use, then it is best to unplug them during the storm. If they get damaged due to power surges caused by lightning or rain/snow entering through poorly-sealed doors and windows, then this can become very costly! It's also a good idea to keep all of your electronics plugged into surge protectors so that if there does happen to be an electrical problem, these items will still remain safe (just make sure they're turned off).

Make sure you have multiple flashlights/lanterns around for when there is no power available due to storms which happen often lately

This is an essential item to have in any house, especially if you live in a rural area. There are many times where the power goes out for days at a time due to storms and it can be very annoying when there's no light or heat available! To solve this problem, make sure that you always keep flashlights/lanterns with candles on hand so that you won't ever have to worry about feeling completely powerless during a storm again.

Park the Car inside the Garage So the Storm Does Not Damage It

This is a relatively small but very effective way to protect your car from damages caused by the storm. If you live in an area that gets heavy storms then it might be best just to always park inside of your garage during such times so that there will no longer be any chance of water, hail, and/or fallen branches damaging it!

These are some great ways for how to care for your belongings during a storm which should hopefully stop future disasters from happening again.

6 Simple Ways to Assess Total Damage after a Storm

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When a storm hits your property, it can be difficult to assess the total damage. You want to know what needs repairing and how much it will cost you. The following is a list of 6 simple ways that you can assess the damage from a storm:

1) Check for structural integrity

Does your building have any cracks in the foundation or leaking pipes? If so, then there may be more extensive repairs needed. It is very important to check the damage to the structure for timely repairs and restoration. If you don’t check the building for any damages then it can create a very dangerous living environment.

2) Check for water damage

Look around your house at all of the wet surfaces and make sure that no mold has grown anywhere yet. If you see any signs of mold growth, then this could lead to further complications or health effects.

3) Take pictures

One of the most important steps in assessing a storm's damage is to take pictures. It will help with getting insurance claims and also reminds you of what needs repairing or replaced.

4) Check for Damages to the Doors and Windows

Are your windows loose or cracked? How about your doors, are they damaged too? Take a special look at the glass windows. Sometimes even the protective wooden panels aren’t enough to save the windows from breaking.

5) Check the Utilities, Gas lines and Electricity Lines

If you smell gas, turn off your appliances and open doors and windows. Get outside immediately! If there is a power outage or the electricity lines have been damaged then this will need to be addressed as soon as possible so that they do not catch fire. It can also cause serious damage to any electronic devices in your home which you may want to address quickly before more problems arise down the road.

6) Take an Inspection Round outside Your House

Inspect things outside the house including your car, trees, lawn and most importantly your house's roof. Roof of a house is the most vulnerable thing during a storm. Strong storms can break off shingles and expose your roof to a lot of serious damage. You may need to replace your roof if it is very damaged. If you find any tree that is in a bad condition and may fall down any minute then you need to get away from the house and call a tree maintenance company as soon as possible.

It is very important to assess the total damage after a storm. There are many things that you can do at home before calling in an expert. By taking pictures, checking for water damage and structural integrity, as well as assessing the damages to doors and windows you will be able to figure out what needs repaired quickly. Then call up someone with experience when it comes time for more extensive repairs!

Choosing the Right Storm Damage Restoration Company

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In the aftermath of a tornado, hurricane or other major storm, one of the most important tasks facing homeowners is finding a reputable and reliable emergency restoration contractor to get the job done.

A number of factors need to be considered in order to choose a company that can do an effective job without taking advantage of stressed-out clients who are not thinking clearly during a disaster.


It's important for people to plan ahead and get several estimates from local companies before a major storm hits. Then, homeowners should get references and check them so they know who they can trust when an emergency happens.

The business of restoring homes hit by disasters such as tornadoes is highly competitive. That's why unscrupulous restoration contractors might cut corners or otherwise take advantage of their clients in the aftermath of a disaster. Getting multiple bids beforehand will help a homeowner avoid a dishonest company that focuses on profits over quality workmanship. If there isn't time to gather several proposals, it's wise to at least ask neighbors or friends for referrals rather than going with the first contractor who comes knocking on the door during a crisis situation.

Proper Licensing

Typically, the most effective way to find a quality restoration contractor is by word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. It's wise to ask the company for references and speak with those they have worked for in the past.

In addition, homeowners should check whether they are properly licensed, bonded and insured. There might be a cost associated with this process but it could provide a degree of protection against fraud or shoddy workmanship if something goes wrong. For example, insurance companies typically will not pay out claims unless a restoration company is properly licensed and insured as required by law in that area. If an insurer refuses to pay up when problems arise after work has been done, having licenses and insurance will help make sure contractors do everything possible to make things right.

Experience of the Storm Damage Restoration Company:

A homeowner should also consider the number of years a restoration company has been in business. An established and respected organization is more likely to do quality work than a fly-by-night outfit that might not be around after the storm damage is repaired.

Time the Restoration Company Devotes To Your Property

The amount of time an emergency contractor devotes to customer satisfaction is another important factor, particularly with companies that often deal with crisis situations such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Satisfied clients can provide invaluable referrals, which usually helps generate new business opportunities.

It's wise to avoid restoration companies that pressure their customers into signing contracts on the spot during a time of stress and chaos. A responsible company will allow home and property owner’s sufficient time to review all terms and conditions before making any decisions about hiring them.

A written contract should include an itemized list of all work to be done, along with the estimated cost. It's in a homeowner's best interest to make sure the agreement also covers any additional expenses in case repairs are needed later on that might not have been foreseen by the restoration company or homeowner at the time of signing.

How to Fix Your Roof after a Storm

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It's not often that disaster strikes but when it does, you want to make sure you are doing everything correctly, from start to finish. When the roof has been severely damaged by wind or hail, it can be one of the more costly repairs on your home. The main concern during this time period is safety from falling objects such as tree branches or other debris. This article is a guide for homeowners on what they should do after a storm has passed and left its wake of devastation in the form of shingles, shingles debris, and leaks that have sprung into their ceilings due to storm damage.

Now what? Whether you had a little damage or a lot of damage, a quick response is very important if you want to save your roof and reduce the potential for more leakage.

First make sure that it is safe to enter your home. If there are any toppled trees or limbs, remove those before entering the house. Once inside, if there is water in your ceilings and/or walls then it is time to call a professional roofer.

For minor damages like blocked gutters or missing shingles caused by wind gusts, wait until it stops raining and immediately check your roof with binoculars for any immediate danger of further damage such as loose tiles or hanging parts of the structure. If you have a partial shingle loss, be sure to nail down the tiles that are still attached. If your roof is in need of replacement, call for an estimate before performing any repairs or replacements yourself.

Soaking up water - Blocked gutters are the main cause of water damage when there is heavy rain over time

Removing debris - If you come across any loose tiles caused by high winds then remove them and nail down any metal ridge caps that might have popped out of place during the storm

Checking your shingles - Check with binoculars for blown off parts of the structure including missing shingles and loose tiles

Assessing the damage - Generally speaking, if there has been any shingle loss then it is time to call a professional roofer for an estimate. A restoration company will be able to tell you if you need to get a new roof or just get the one you already have restored. The restoration services like SERVPRO will tell it to you how it is. If we feel that the roof may not stand another storm we would recommend getting a new roof otherwise we will restore it for you.

Making temporary repairs for leaks in between rafters until the restoration company arrives. It is important to hire a storm damage restoration company if you want to get your roof in good condition. Don’t forget to contact your insurance company as well so you don’t have to pay much for the restoration or repair of the roof.

Does Fire Restoration Actually Work?

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It's a scary thought to have your home or office burn down. It is even scarier when you find out that the fire was caused by something as simple as an electrical wire being too close to combustible materials. The reality is, however, that it can be devastating for buildings and contents alike. But do not fear! There are ways to get things back up and running again after a fire has happened.

Can Fire Damage Restoration Companies Actually Restore Your Goods?

The reality is that there are many different degrees of fire damage. Everything from a scorch to an actual burn can make items unusable or even irreparable. The restoration company you work with should be able to give you an accurate estimate on the costs and time it will take for each individual piece after they have made their initial assessment. This way, if your things cannot be restored then at least you know up front rather than waiting weeks upon months only to find out that nothing can be done!

Does Restoration Work Change Depending On What Was Destroyed?

Yes, in fact it does change depending on what was destroyed by the fire. Different types of materials require different kinds of treatments because some elements may not react well together. For example, if your things are made of metal then you need to make sure that the restoration company has experience in dealing with this material. If they do not, then it can cause further damage and be more costly than it needs to be!

What to Do After a Fire?

If there is anything at all that was destroyed by fire or heat damages don't try cleaning up yourself no matter how much you may want too. You could actually end up doing worse harm when trying to clean something like a television screen because chemicals on your cloth might react even more aggressively than the flames did originally. This way you will know exactly what kind of treatment each individual damaged item requires which also means lower costs for every single one of them!

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help The Restoration Process?

No matter how much you may want to help in the restoration process, do not try and fix anything on your own. This is especially true when it comes to electrical wiring because this can be just as dangerous for someone attempting a repair than it was before the fire even happened! Let professionals handle all of that so that they know what needs done and also if there is any chance of danger involved with an item or room itself.

Can You Really Restore Things After A Fire Damage?

Yes, companies like ours specialize in making sure everything returns back to normal after such a disaster strikes. So whether you need new drywall put up or appliances restored we have got professional technicians who will take care of it all for you. All of our workers are fully insured and licensed so that we can ensure your safety as well as the quality of materials used in making sure everything looks just like new!

Eliminate Odor after a Fire: Why Hiring A Professional Service Is Important

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If you have just experienced a fire in your home, then the last thing on your mind is what to do about the terrible odor that lingers. It's important to get professional services for odor removal after a fire because it can affect how much insurance will pay out after an incident like this. By using these steps below, you'll be able to quickly and easily eliminate odors from smoke or other smells left behind by fires without having to spend money for costly services.

Use a Scented Cleaning Solution

A scented cleaning solution will mask the smell of smoke or other smells left behind. The smoke can stick to almost all items in the house which will keep the odor lingering on. So in order to get completely get rid of the odor, you need to clean all things in your house with a scented solution. You can make this solution at home as well using soap, water and vinegar.

Give it Time to Air Out

Leaving windows open, using fans and opening up doors for thorough ventilation can help get rid of odors in a short amount of time? You want to avoid cooking or smoking during this process as these activities may only worsen the situation by adding new smells into your home that are even worse than what you're trying to eliminate!

Use Odor Eliminating Pouches

There's also an option available if you don't have enough time for ventilation - place odor eliminating pouches around rooms with lingering odors. These should be replaced every couple weeks so they working effectively at getting rid of the smell.

Use Air Freshener

There are also air fresheners available that can help get rid of the smell in a short amount of time. These come in many different scents and will be sure to mask any smells left behind after a fire. Make sure you choose an air freshener with no strong chemicals or fumes - otherwise this may only irritate your throat further!

Keep the Windows Open

Open windows in order to keep fresh air circulating through your home. This will help speed up the process of eliminating odors left behind after a fire at your home. Again, make sure you avoid cooking or smoking during this time as it can worsen any lingering smells in the air!

Don't Use Fans for Ventilation

Using fans may actually hinder getting rid of these odors if they're not used correctly - instead use open windows and doors to get proper ventilation throughout your house when trying to eliminate odor after a fire. The only exception is if there are pets that need extra attention, then using fans could be helpful but still use caution around them because strong winds blowing their fur might irritate their respiratory system even further.

Remove the Burnt Items from your House

If there are any items that were burnt in the fire, then make sure you remove them from your house. These items will be emitting odors until they're properly cleaned and aired out so it's important to get rid of these as soon as possible!