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Ways to Diagnose Water Damage in a Property

11/20/2020 (Permalink)

Ways to Diagnose Water Damage in a Property

Water damage is a collective term that is coined to refer multiple impairments that have occurred due to persistent water attacks on a system thus destroying the material through various destructive processes, for instance, decaying of wood, corrosion of steel, mold or bacterial growth and so forth. Thus water damage can be problematic if not diagnosed immediately in its early destructive stages but property owners usually tend to neglect the issue as they reckon it as a consequence of either defective plumbing or may be due to structural defects.

Water damage that we notice is nothing as compared to the internal damage that it has caused the foundations of your property since most water damage begins deep in the walls leading to structural loss hence this can only be repaired by the aid of a trained professional who will not only analyze the issue but will also repair it.

So, here is how we can diagnose if the property has been damaged by water or not:

Dark or Wet Water Blotches:

The first and foremost sign that you should be looking while detecting the water damage is the wet stains of water that are usually found on the walls or ceilings. These yellowish water circlets are very easy to identify as they are quite obvious.

Inflated Drywalls:

At times the dry walls of the house, building or any other property tend to absorb moisture that is present within the walls, due to which they get swollen or simply puff out, therefore, it is imperative to check every wall to inspect for the inflated walls. These inflated walls are another sign indicating severe water damage.

Crumbling Wooden Items:

The most vulnerable material to water damage is wood as the wood fibers tend to swell and shrink. They shrink when discharge water and swell when absorb it. Swollen wood is more liable to crack and crumble down if not fixed instantly, so if you are suddenly observing your wooden furniture or any other wood-based item fractured and swollen thus you need to get it fixed promptly before this water leakage is successful in dilapidating it.

Tattered Walls:

Tattered or run-down walls are another clue for water damage. Excessive moisture within the walls makes the paint clammy and damp thus slowly and gradually, the paint starts peeling off or in some areas, it bubbles out. So if you notice patched walls or discolored and bumping paint do not hesitate in calling water damage control department.

Mold and Bacterial Growth:

One major signal that screams "water damage" is the growth of molds, bacteria and other minute viable organisms on your property. Apart from damaging your stuff, they are also a threat to your health since they may pose some health effects. Mold and bacterial growth simply tell you that the water damage is severe and needs to be examined properly.

Some numerous signs and indications may signal for water damage, some can be easily identified like the dampness of the walls, fractured ceilings while some require a professional's expertise to resolve the matter for instance terrible exterior etc. whatever the cause is, water damage is an alarming issue that must not be left unnoticed. 

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